14 Online courses for this summer

«The mind is like a parachute … It only works if we have it open»

Albert Einstein.

Welcome August. The month of relaxation par excellence is here. At last, for many, the well-deserved parenthesis arrived, after a year of working and struggling every day for your projects. Your thoughts begin to change scenery, mood and color.

But do not give holidays to your brain, keep your mind open and active. Why do not you take a part of your free time to recycle yourself or to start that course you wanted to do, but you could never fit into your full diary?

Today we propose some free online courses that we have found on the web, related to technology and industry, so that you can keep fit your mind.

Industry 4.0

  • Diseña, fabrica y programa tu propio robot (in Spanish) created by the Universitat Politècnica de València by edX, for those who want to start in the world of electronics, digital manufacturing and robotics.
  • Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business created by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University by edX. It is an introduction to the IV Industrial Revolution, its systems and technologies, and how they will impact on business and society.
  • How Virtual Reality works created by The University of California, San Diego by edX. You will explore the basics of Virtual Reality software by copying and modifying JavaScript to design Virtual Reality applications.
  • Smart Cities created by The Open University by Future Learn. Explore the role of technology and data in cities, and learn how you can participate in smart cities creation.
  • Innovación agroalimentaria (in Spanish) created by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico by Coursera. It is an opportunity for small and medium entrepreneurs to have tools that facilitate the development of new quality products that increase their competitiveness in the market.

technology courses summer 2018

ICT’S Courses

  • Computer Science 101 created by the Stanford School of Engineering by Stanford Online. You will know essential computer ideas, computers may seem complicated, but in reality they work with a few simple patterns.
  • Data Bases created by Lagunita of the University of Stanford. You will find a series of Databases mini courses on, which you can combine as you like. Get in touch with the famous SQL, UML, XML, XQuery and many more.
  • Fundamentos TIC para profesionales de negocios: Programación (in Spanish) created by the Polytechnic University of Valencia by edX. If you have to work with ICT and you are lacking knowledge, you will learn the basics of software programming.


  • Analytics for Decision Making created by Babson by edX. Discover the basics of the Big Data and learn to analyze different types of data to make smart business decisions.
  • Análisis de datos (in Spanish) created by Tecnológico de Monterrey by Coursera. You will find videos, readings and key information to enrich your knowledge and skills in the field of analytics and data.
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel created by Microsoft by edX. Learn how to import data from different sources, create mashups between data sources and prepare them for analysis. Explore, analyze and visualize your data.

Agile Training

  • Producción lean, el camino hacia la productividad (in Spanish) created by Tutellus. You will know the philosophy and the basic tools to understand the culture of continuous improvement and promote the productivity of your organization.
  • Introducción a Agile y Scrum (in Spanish) created by Tutellus. You will learn the basics of Scrum and Agile methodology to develop projects efficiently.
  • Agile Software Development (en anglès) created by ETHzürich by edX. Analyze the key agile ideas, their benefits, their limitations, to improve your abilities in the field of sofwtare.


At Bluesmart we hope that the courses are of your interest, and that you are encouraged to open your mind to new knowledge. Now we just want to wish you have a good summer!

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