2018, a great 4.0 year for BlueSmart

Goodbye, 2018. Christmas parties, family celebrations and rest days have already passed. Now is a good time to take stock of the year we left behind: a magnificent 2018 for BlueSmart, full of challenges, difficulties overcome and new beginnings.

2018 was a year of recognition

Siemens recognized BlueSmart as Simatic IT Preactor Silver Smart Expert at the annual Siemens Converge European Leadership Summit in Malta, becoming the only partner in Spain with this certification and the first in Europe in APS solutions.

And months later, during the Annual Meeting of Partners of Spain & Portugal in Madrid, Siemens announced that we are the top specialists in Preactor solutions, thanks to our history, projects and success stories.

2018 was also characterized by taking another step towards excellence, through the training and specialization of the BlueSmart team, obtaining official certifications from Siemens in the Preactor technical area and in the Marketing area, and the Scrum Level certification of the team of functional consultants. We can proudly say that it was a year of professional and personal growth.

2018 was a year of new beginnings

The BLUE era was born with strength, and in just one year, BlueSmart began its expansion by opening an office in the Basque Country and Portugal, in order to respond to the needs of a flourishing and expanding industry, offering BlueSmart the opportunity to start new projects and the possibility of conquering the territory beyond our borders.

But not only do we open new offices, we also expand the Barcelona office, given that the BlueSmart team does not stop growing, with the certainty of continuing to expand the workforce in the face of a truly prosperous and exponential future.

Welcome, 2019. BlueSmart launches the new year with enthusiasm, and the determination to continue promoting manufacturing companies of any sector and size towards Industry 4.0.

May the new year give us the opportunity to continue growing in the digital era, and to be able to continue doing what we love.

nueva versión preactor apsevento siemens convergence 2019