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BlueSmart Soluciones - Programación y Planificación de la Producción
BlueSmart Soluciones - Captura de datos en planta
BlueSmart Soluciones - Gestión del mantenimiento
BlueSmart Soluciones - Sensorización Industrial

Production Planning and Scheduling

APS solutions allows you to sequence and adjust production by balancing demand and capacity


Data Capture in Plant. MES System

Centralization, integration and monitoring the entire factory process to make the best decisions


Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Complete control over industrial maintenance, both corrective and preventive


Industrial Electronics and Sensorization

Applications PLC, SCADA systems, OEE registration, … production processes control and remote monitoring

SIEMENS Technology. BLUE Projects.

Siemens provides SIMATIC IT PREACTOR, the best Advanced Production Programming and Demand Planning software. Our technicians and consultants bring the knowledge of the Industrial sector and the know-how. We have been implementing improvement projects in our clients factories for 15 years, to become Smart Factories and successfully face the market’s challenges.



preactor for automotive industry

Automotive and Aeronautics

chemical industry and pharma with preactor software

Chemist and Pharma

preactor software for food industry


plastic industry with preactor software


preactor aps for metal industry


“Simatic IT Preactor AS accompanies us in our growth pace, and together with BlueSmart team, we overcome the current and future challenges that will undoubtedly have to face our production capacity”

Xavier Trias, ICT Manager at Premium Ingredients

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Productivity Improvement

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Raw material inventories reduction

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Total productive time reduction

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Increased deliveries on time

  • Simatic IT Preactor AS accompanies us in our pace of growth, and together with Bluesmart team, we overcome the current and future challenges that our production capacity will undoubtedly have to face.

    Xavier Trias
    Xavier Trias IT Manager of Premium Ingredients
  • The use of Preactor as a planning tool is vital in the fact that we have managed to go from manufacturing less than 2,000 tons to almost 3,000 with the same resources (equipment and labor) thus increasing our productivity and at the same time complying with the most strict quality controls.

    Ana Mangas
    Ana Mangas Operations Manager of Takasago
  • Thanks to Simatic IT Preactor, with the same resources, we have increased productivity by 30% and considerably reduced costs. All this has resulted in an improvement in the quality of the products and the service to the customers.

    Fernando Martínez
    Fernando Martínez Information Systems Manager of Takasago