Improve the synchronization of your production processes with Preactor

A factory is a living and dynamic entity. Manufacturers must react with excellence to unforeseen changes, while reducing delivery times and meeting customer demands. The theory is simple, but how to achieve it?

Preactor APS: Leading software in advanced planning and scheduling

Preactor APS by Siemens improves the synchronization of the productive processes and offers a total visibility and control to improve the utilization of resources and the punctuality of the deliveries, reducing inventory and losses. Their solutions meet these needs through algorithms that balance demand and capacity, generating viable production programs.

preactor software for industry 4.0

What happens with your current software?

Preactor is designed to work together and simplify (instead of replace) existing systems. We speak of software for business resource planning (ERP), the manufacturing execution system (MES), accounting and forecasting, and files with data collection of plants.

Visibility is the key

At Bluesmart we implement Preactor for a long-term strategic planning that covers future months and years; for medium-term tactical planning with a horizon of a few weeks; and for a detailed programming and sequencing of days, hours and minutes.

We know that visibility is the key, and that you need to visualize the impact of your decisions. You should know that this can not be done with excel sheets. With our solutions we will help you visualize the current load, see the impact of the unexpected, analyze hypothetical cases and compare alternatives before making a decision.

Advanced scheduling with Preactor AS

Today we want to talk in detail about the leading Preactor AS finite capacity scheduling tool, based on a detailed model of the plant, taking into account the availability of resources and the multiple restrictions to develop a viable plan.

Industry 4.0 preactor

Objectives and purpose:

The objective and purpose can be said to be to minimize production time and costs, indicating to a production plant what to do, when, what employees will be responsible for it and what machine to use, maximizing the efficiency of each operation.

Benefits of advanced scheduling:

  • Better use of resources
  • Reduction of configuration and modification operations
  • Inventory and WIP reduction
  • Detailed visibility of the production load
  • Rapid modeling of hypothetical scenarios
  • Improvement in delivery punctuality


In Bluesmart we are specialists implementing projects to improve the management of production in our customers’ factories, because we know that the process of digital transformation of the industry is unstoppable.

Do you want to see how it works and how will Preactor benefit you? Do not miss our webinars agenda. Request your access to the sessions, we are waiting for you!

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