Industrial Electronics Solutions

Industrial Automation: Electronics and Sensing

Sensors and electronics for the production plant

We are specialists in implementation of adaptation to Industry 4.0 projects. We know that endpoint dot growth, data analytics techniques, scalable platforms, mobility and visualization are the future of industrial automation.

Control and monitor your industrial processes at a distance. Obtain easily and effortlessly all the information that is generated in the production process (supervision, quality control, production control, data storage, ..), which will allow you to carry out an exhaustive control of all the devices in time real, thanks to the devices and devices that become intelligent assets.

Automation features

  • Design and manufacture of electrical cabinets to house the necessary equipment for each project according to the current regulations
  • Test of insulation and operation of all equipment in plant
  • Applications with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for automation and Scada systems
  • Implementation of communication systems using HMI (Man-Machine Interface) and Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.
  • Total control and monitoring of the plant, as well as the detail of each process in real time (Scada)
  • Communication with the computer services to send the planning done by the company, as well as the consumption of materials and the creation of new items to the stock.
  • Explicit signaling of detected alarms
  • Assignment of work orders and recipes
  • Replacement of push buttons and control panels
  • Computer applications for the integration of computer systems for management and production control, enhancing analysis and business management.
  • Register and report of the OEE of the machines to obtain data of the productive processes (percentages of yield, hours of use of machinery, times and grounds of unemployment, ..)
  • Control of stocks up to machine level, counters of production and consumption in real time.

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