Power SAP sequencing and scheduling capabilities

Power SAP sequencing and scheduling capabilities

Thanks to our connector for SAP, we segment the information you indicate as relevant to plan and schedule your production and send it to your database.

Our connector allows the production scheduling forward, backward, bi-directional, all by dates, priorities or weight rules.

Establish multiple APS rules:

  • Preferred sequences
  • Times of change minimization
  • Selection of manual or dynamic bottlenecks
  • Campaign Rules
  • WIP Minimization Forward or Backward
  • Possibility of specific rules developed in .NET

More Connector Functionality for SAP:

Restrictions by line, product, order, or any combination of them:

  • Capacity management, stock levels, skills management or sub-courses groupings, and all of them in an informative or restrictive way, in general or individual way
  • Management of multiple change matrices, with concurrent or non-concurrent preparations, associated with the line or order independently
  • Conduct ATP or CTP consultations, with material management and restrictions, exploiting at multiple levels with purchase proposals or material shortages if necessary.

Power the Advanced Programming and Planning capabilities in your SAP ERP with our exclusive connector.

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