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Production Sequencing and Planning

Clear Objectives and the right solution

The company opted for a tool that will help them to be more effective in buying forecasts, optimizing resources (human and technical) and optimizing the company production.

With the main objective of avoiding the loss of raw material by expiration and realizing the fabrications using the appropriate ingredients and always at the lowest possible cost.

At the same time, a gateway with the Warehouse Management System (SGA) had to be done in order to have the expiration dates and correct batches.

BLUESMART professionals have taken care of the entire implementation process, from the installation and configuration of Simatic IT Preactor AS ULTIMATE software, to the different integrations required with the systems already available in the client.

The correct raw materials management of the expiration dates, has allowed PREMIUM INGREDIENTS to avoid food waste and an optimal control of the manufacturing queues in each of the production lines.

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Formulation costs optimization
Purchase cost
MP expiry losses
Manufacturing lines optimization

Premium Ingredients progress diagram

In general, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS Production  Department, IT Management and Management sought:

  • Increase customer service level
  • Guarantee delivery deadlines.
  • Reduction of production costs taking into account the variability of manufacture cost, either by the materials or by the management of formulations.
  • Processing times reduction
  • Increase productivity by minimizing losses, reducing stock levels and improving the procurement system

When we started, it was almost a guesswork with what elements of our production processes we had more difficulties. However, we now have the experience and the appropriate technology to anticipate what problems of production or programming are likely to arise and we can address the needs that the commercial area demands from the manufacturing area. But we do not stay here, we continue to personalize Simatic IT Preactor to accompany us in our growth pace and, together with the BLUESMART team, face the current and future challenges that will undoubtedly have to face our production capacity.

Xavier Trias, IT Manager in PREMIUM INGREDIENTS

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Productivity improvement

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Raw material inventories reduction

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Total productive time reduction

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