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Production Planning and Scheduling

Production Sequencing and Planning

Detailed Scheduling and Advanced Production Planning solutions, APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) software, allow you to organize production based on specific objectives (minimize costs, delays, manufacturing time or mold change time) actual manufacturing capacity.

Companies are increasingly forced to seek a reduction of inventories to reduce costs, maintaining the ability to respond to shorter processing times, satisfying customer demand. This forces companies to find ways to optimize factory operations by reducing or eliminating non-value added activities such as preparations or waiting times.

In response to this need in the industry, we bring the highest certification and experience by tackling projects with the solutions that allow sequencing and adjusting production by balancing demand and capacity.

BlueSmart - Secuenciación de la producción
Simatic IT Preactor AP y AS de Siemens

Preactor features

  • Considers a wide range of restrictions (material availability, machine capacity, labor, delivery dates, stock levels, cost, distribution)
  • Optimized sequencing of processes and in the supply chain
  • Defines stock control parameters by product
  • It complements MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Easy integration with any ERP system
  • Identify delayed orders using Gantt diagrams and interactive charts
  • ‘And if’ capability by creating multiple scenarios
  • Automatic Calculation of the Production Master Plan (MPS)
  • Take into account the life of the product
  • Alerts for Stock about to expire
  • Availability of BOMs for Planning
  • Creating standard and custom reports

More than 4,500 companies, located in more than 88 countries around the world, from SMEs to large corporations, employ Simatic IT Preactor as their global supply chain solution.

The flexibility of Siemens technology and the knowledge and ability of our professionals allow us to implement our solutions in virtually any sector and type of industrial company.


The best tool for PCP sector (Production Programming and Control) with the seal of Siemens® technology.

Modern ERP systems are essential for the entire vertical industry. By adding an advanced sequencing solution, you can increase production efficiency and manage individual orders and resources in real time.


Increase your competitiveness, grow your benefits and improve your customer service.

Simatic IT Preactor AP or GMPS is perfect for companies working in volatile and counter stock (MTS) environments, which require safe methods to plan capacity and inventories. Also for companies that work under contract (MTO).


ERP SAP Connector

ERP SAP Connector

Preactor-SAP Connector Enables sequencing capabilities to cope with the complexity of fine-grained production.

ERP NAV Connector

ERP NAV Connector

Simatic IT Preactor is perfect to complement the information provided by ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Sage X3 Connector

Sage X3 Connector

Sage X3 Connector Incorporates functionalities not covered by your ERP, so the planning and scheduling of the production to finite capacity.

Conector universal

Conector universal

Universal Connector Whatever your ERP and database. Compatible with Oracle, Dynamics AX, Ekon, AS / 400, BAAN,..

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