BlueSmart - Sector manofactureroBlueSmart - Sectores fabricación discreta y contínua


Control your manufacturing, whether discreet or continuous. Our solutions are designed for sectors that manufacture on demand, against stock or mixed.

Chemist and Pharmacist

Application for the development of new products and during production planning and scheduling. Our tools facilitate decision making and align with corporate floor management software.

BlueSmart - Sector AlimentaciónBlueSmart - Sector Alimentación y Bebidas

Food and drinks

We know how to face the challenges of this sector: the variation in raw materials and their demand, short exposure products, the struggle for prices, complex qualities and packaging requirements and the complexity of production processes.

BlueSmart - Sector madera y mueblesBlueSmart - Sector mueble y madera

Furniture and wood products

We specialize in controlling direct and complex assembly processes, in applications such as carpentry, agglomerates and laminates, furniture, floors and panels, kitchen equipment, molds, prefabricated constructions, building materials, windows and doors.

BlueSmart - Sector vidrioBlueSmart - Sector Vidrio


Our solutions are designed to offer excellent service in applications such as facades, windshields, packaging and household appliances, panels for energy production, optics, laboratory equipment, lighting, touch devices or decoration.

BlueSmart - Sector cerámicaBlueSmart - Sector cerámica

Ceramics and basic products

We implemented “Industry 4.0” projects for manufacturers of applications such as abrasives, concrete, aggregates and derivatives, laminates and ceramic coatings.

BlueSmart - Sector metal

Metal and metal products

We implemented global automation projects for manufacturers of applications such as abrasives, concrete, aggregates and derivatives, laminates and ceramic coatings.

BlueSmart - Sector Papel y EmbalajeBlueSmart - Sector papel y packaging

Paper and packaging

We work for the printing and packaging sector, its capacities and routes to make boxes, cartons and packaging, and in applications such as tickets, books, magazines, cards, labels, corrugated paper, posters or posters.

BlueSmart - Sector plásticoBlueSmart - Sector plástico

Plastic Products

We understand the needs of the sector for the production of varnishes, colors and other attributes in applications such as rubber, doors and windows, extruded plastic, encapsulation film, molds, materials and packaging products or stoppers.

BlueSmart - Sector téxtil y confecciónBlueSmart - Sector téxtil y confección

Textiles & Apparel

We have the right solutions for the textile sector, from the manufacture of clothing and footwear, labels, leather treatment, injection molds, cleaning and drying, sewing or embroidery.

BlueSmart - Sector aeronáuticaBlueSmart - Sector aeronáutica

Automotive and Aeronautics

We implement projects to optimize the manufacture of engines, components or vehicles, their repair and maintenance.

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