Siemens continues being leader in flexible automation solutions

The digitalization of the industry is unstoppable and Siemens knows it. Agilion joins the family of digital companies for the Siemens industry, with its Real-Time Location System (RTLS) in the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) frequency spectrum, focused on production, logistics and maintenance.

The main benefit for the industry will be to take a further step towards flexible automation in manufacturing, providing dynamic self-organization concepts of production in large-scale product assembly. Real-time localization will also take a leading role in the safe and efficient use of collaborative mobile robots.

Uses of RTLS in complex environments:

  • In a manufacturing scenario allows precise monitoring of the production process
  • Transparent material flow
  • RTLS real-time data on location and status of assets form the basis for networking along the value chain
  • Continuous and automatic comparison of the position of each production asset with the 3D model of the product or production environment
  • Dynamic optimization of production and logistics processes thanks to the digital twin
  • Efficient control of processes, minimization of downtime and reduction of errors
  • Basis for totally new workflows in production, material control and logistics

The market for flexible automation solutions is continuously growing and specializing. Pay attention and open our minds, to build together a digital ecosystem that defines the new factory of the future.

Read the oficial press release here: Siemens acquires technology leader in Real-Time Locating System solutions.

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