Simatic IT Preactor AP

Advanced Planning

Demand and capacity planning

Preactor solutions incorporate detailed programming tools, as well as capacity and demand planning. They are very different but complement each other perfectly.

Some of the problems facing the management of fast turnaround manufacturers (FMCGs) are the unnecessary high levels of stock of both finished products and raw materials, and the possibility of these stocks reaching their target date without being consumed.

The efficient purchase of economic quantities of raw materials and timely use of these materials is the key to reducing one of the main problems of production.

Preactor AP features

  • It can operate against stock, on demand or a mixture of the two
  • Modes of finite or infinite capacity
  • Shared capacity between product families
  • Stock control parameters by product definition
  • MPS automatic calculation with manual override
  • Take into account the life of the product
  • Alerts for stock about to expire
  • Take into account multiple reorder points
  • Lists of materials for planning
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Direct integration with Siemens Simatic IT Preactor AS for detailed programming


Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Help in decision making in the factory, new products development and production optimization.


Automotive and Aeronautics

We implement projects to optimize the manufacture of engines, components or vehicles, their repair and maintenance.


We know how to face the challenges of this sector: the variation in raw materials and their demand, short exposure products, the struggle for prices, complex qualities and packaging requirements and the complexity of production processes.


Plastic products

We understand the needs of varnishes production sector, colors and other attributes in applications such as rubber, doors and windows, extruded plastic, encapsulation film, molds, materials and packaging products or stoppers.

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