Solutions for data capture in plant

Management and monitoring of production processes

MES system. Manufacturing Execution System

Every industrial company has the need to take control of operations to respond in advance to any incident, reduce time and costs, improve product quality and customer service and, above all, curb waste.

This is only possible by knowing what happens in the factory in real time, by capturing plant data. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions integrate and centralize the information of the whole production process and monitor it, helping you in decision making, specifying how it will be manufactured (priority in work orders, connection and disconnection of machines, flow of materials, staffing, etc.).

“Smart Factory” projects carried out by our professionals in the Manufacturing area will increase efficiency and productivity through automated manufacturing, complete traceability management and optimization of all your resources, always focused on the requirements and demand of your customers.

BlueSmart Soluciones - Características del sistema MES, captura de datos en planta

MES System Features

  • Ensures the overall integration of components
  • Maximum quality and optimization of production in all installations
  • Sophisticated and scalable system
  • Combines production efficiency with quality and visibility
  • Optimizes production with responsiveness to manufacturing
  • Integral solution that supports the entire value chain
  • Execute and manage production processes


Chemist and Pharmacist

Help in decision making at the factory, development of new products and the optimization of production


Automotive and Aeronautics

We implement projects to optimize the manufacture of engines, components or vehicles, their repair and maintenance.


We know how to face the challenges of this sector: the variation in raw materials and their demand, short exposure products, the struggle for prices, complex qualities and packaging requirements and the complexity of production processes.


Furniture and wood products

We specialize in controlling direct and complex assembly processes, in applications such as carpentry, agglomerates and laminates, furniture, floors and panels, kitchen equipment, molds, prefabricated constructions, building materials, windows and doors.

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