Case Study



Production Sequencing and Planning

Simatic IT Preactor optimizes lead-time and improves delivery times at Takasago

The company opted to raise changes that affected management and production area. They needed a demand-based planning system and a production plan that would allow defining plant capacities, work shifts, etc to balance stock levels, productive efficiency and service quality.

Reducing costs, retaining customers and supply chain optimization were the company’s goals. In short, they were looking for a solution for the medium-long term and for the short term.

BLUESMART consultants and technicians took care of the entire implementation process, installed and configured Simatic IT Preactor AS (short term) and Simatic IT Preactor AP (medium-long term) software. In addition, they provided a connector (own development) to link the customer’s ERP and Preactor.

Thanks to supply chain optimization, Takasago managed to reach customers faster and safer. The reduction of stocks and the automation and optimization of all the logistic processes avoided the surplus of storage capacity and, consequently, the fact of not having to invest in new warehouses.

Visita a Takasago Murcia
Equipo de trabajo de Takasago - Caso de éxito BlueSmart
Simatic IT Preactor en Takasago - Caso de éxito BlueSmart
Preactor AS en Takasago - Caso de éxito BlueSmart

Takasago’s progress diagram

The main prior expectations to Preactor implementation were:

  • The positive lead-time impact on customers
  • Reduce stock levels and keep them low without affecting the service level.
  • Supply chain optimization reducing operating costs and reaching new markets.
  • Delivery accuracy and fulfillment of service times, key aspects for customer loyalty.

“The use of Preactor as a planning tool is vital in the fact that we have managed to go from manufacturing less than 2,000 tons to almost 3,000 with the same resources (equipment and labor), increasing our productivity and, in turn, complying with the most strict quality controls”

Ana Mangas, Operations Manager in Takasago.



Increased Productivity
Cleaning time reduction
Stock level reduction
Production energy expenditure reduction
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Productivity improvement

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Raw material inventories reduction

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Total productive time reduction

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Increased deliveries on time