v17 Preactor: The last version of the APS software is now available!

Good news! The latest Preactor APS release has arrived, with better APS scheduling rules and an improved overview. This update offers a better order search, integration, reports and visualization.

Preactor software is a family of production planning and scheduling products that improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes, giving you greater visibility and control, allowing you to increase resource utilization and on-time delivery at the same time that reduces inventory levels and waste. It is a highly customizable capacity planning and programming package.

At BlueSmart, we have been implementing the leading Siemens software in our customers’ factories for 20 years.

6 News in Preactor v17 version

  • Improved order query capabilities for accurate estimation of delivery date
  • New data visualization tools
  • Improved APS programming rules
  • Rule for minimizing improved change times
  • Improved overview
  • Multiple open panels that reflect a combination of Gantt charts

We know that a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. Join our next online session, given by Raül Buiza, Dtor. of Operations of BLUESMART and maximum national specialist in technology Preactor-Siemens for Production Planning and Scheduling.

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