Simatic IT Preactor AS

Advanced Scheduling

Sequencing and Control with Siemens® leading warranty

Modern ERP systems are an essential tool for the entire vertical industry. Adding an Advanced Programming solution will increase the production efficiency and manage individual orders and resources in real time.

Simatic IT Preactor AS gives the planner the visibility of the detailed future horizon for plant use.

In addition, our system is designed to be integrated with other systems such as MES, Data Capture, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE applications.

Preactor AS features

Preactor AS can handle the complexity of any production or logistics process:

  • Easy integration. The import and export of orders and routes can be controlled internally or externally for a solid integration with your ERP system.
  • Restriction of materials. Production and consumption orders can be linked to reflect constraints during scheduling.
  • Higher visibility. Identification of delayed orders using Gantt diagrams and interactive charts.
  • Optimized sequencing. Minimize changes and maximize efficiency.
  • Capacity ‘And if’. Creation of multiple scenarios. You can also perform ad-hoc CTP queries with multiple levels of the Bill of Materials (BoM).


Chemist and Pharmaceutical

Help in decision making in the factory, the development of new products and the optimization of production


Automotive and Aeronautics

We implement projects to optimize the manufacture of engines, components or vehicles, their repair and maintenance.


We know how to face the challenges of this sector: the raw materials variation and their demand, short exposure products, the struggle for prices, complex qualities and packaging requirements and the complexity of production processes.


Plastic products

We understand the needs of the sector for the production of varnishes, colors and other attributes in applications such as rubber, doors and windows, extruded plastic, encapsulation film, molds, materials and packaging products or stoppers.

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