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About Us

BlueSmart is the avant-garde in the implementation of technological projects for Industry

Our team of specialists are professionals who have 15 years of experience, leaders in solutions development and implementation in the area of ​​Production Planning and  Scheduling Advanced software (APS).

We were awarded as the World’s Biggest Growth Partner Award in 2015 and the World’s Best Case of Success Award in 2016 thanks to our projects implementing Simatic IT Preactor (Siemens).

We have the highest certifications, we were Preactor’s Gold Partner and we are currently Silver Partner of Siemens Industry Software for MOM area (Manufacturing Operations Management), thanks to our proven experience and reliability of our projects carried out in the industrial sector.

Welcome to the BLUE era.

Committed to Industry 4.0


We understand the challenges facing the industry, so we encourage companies to turn them into 'Smart Factories'.


To be a national and international reference in the implementation of projects for the adaptation to Industry 4.0.


Passion for innovation and technology, the involvement with our customers and the high quality in all our projects.

Our Case Studies

Chocolates Valor

Chocolates Valor optimizes its production to maximize product quality and service level thanks to BlueSmart, driving the digitization of industrial processes of the company. The BlueSmart team is [...]

Premium ingredients

The correct raw materials management of the expiration dates, has allowed PREMIUM INGREDIENTS to avoid food waste and an optimal control of the manufacturing queues in each of the production [...]


Production Planning and Scheduling with Simatic IT Preactor Due to the particularities of its sector, Sistema Azud faces a constant variation in the production planning in regards to be able to [...]

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