Preactor connector for Sage X3

Siemens Simatic IT Preactor: more power for your ERP X3

Simatic IT Preactor from Siemens is a powerful and practical solution, totally adapted to industrial companies, and you can connect it with X3 ERP.

Respond to the increasingly demanding and changing demands of your customers, manage your flows globally and plan the supply chain resources.

With this simple integration you will improve the fulfillment and the quality in the deadlines, you will be more productive, you will reduce the work in course and the cycle time, you will save a lot of time and you will reduce costs in a significant way. Power your ERP with Preactor, leading tool for planning and scheduling production.

Main functionalities of X3 connector

The flexibility and open architecture of Preactor, when connected with Sage X3, incorporate functionalities not covered by the ERP such as the production planning and scheduling  at finite capacity.

  • Machines and work centers at finite capacity management
  • Secondary resources management
  • Calendars (work centers and secondary resources) management
  • Multi-level BOM management.
  • The possibility of taking into account, or not, restrictions.
  • Algorithms and programming rules customizable and parameterizable according to the criteria of the client.
  • Overlaps and / or waiting times between operations.
  • Automatic planning reprogramming in function of the advance of the production.

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